The idea of slowing down

"The idea of slowing down sounds wonderful, even luxurious. But actually finding a reason tempting enough to pull us out of our day-to-day busyness is difficult. Not only do we like moving quickly from one thing to the next, but we feel like everyone else is encouraging us to #getstuffdone – constantly. But, every now and again, we can find a reason to stop and smell the roses. Yes, sometimes that thing really is a literal rose, but more often it’s something decadent – like a perfectly brewed cup of tea, a page-turning guilty-pleasure read, or an intoxicating self-care ritual. Poetica Natural Beauty the Australian botanical beauty brand everyone will soon be buzzing about, fits into the latter category."

Thanks to writer Gemma at Avenue15 online magazine for understanding exactly where we're coming from!

My yoga studies taught me that our bodies love gentleness, and I see caring for your skin as a nurturing and gentle thing to do. I love offering skin care products that smell and feel delicious so that your skincare ritual can become something beautiful that you enjoy doing for yourself.

POETICA came about when I moved from a humid climate to a much harsher and extreme Australian climate. My skin was crying out for moisture and protection and I needed to listen to its signals. I've been fascinated by the healing qualities of essential oils, botanicals and natural oils for decades and I'd like these beautiful botanical oils and balms to inspire you to slow down from the busyness of your day and take the time to reconnect with yourself. Perhaps a soak in the tub to soothe away your stresses with aromatic oils, and a skincare ritual that nourishes your soul as well as your skin.





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