Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Elevate your beauty ritual using our Rose Quartz Facial Roller. This must-have beauty ritual tool is a beautiful and relaxing way to enhance your skincare routine. 

Just apply your favourite oil serum and allow the smooth rolling action to leave your face beautifully relaxed and with a dewy glow. Regular use can help improve firmness, elasticity, tone, and overall skin health and wellness. 

A beautiful gift for yourself, your partner, family, and friends. 

Comes with its own soft cotton bag to protect it. 


      Our carefully sourced Facial Roller is handcrafted from high-quality materials. Because Rose Quartz stone is a natural product, each individual piece will be unique and the colours may vary between pieces. 

      HOW TO USE

      Always cleanse thoroughly first and then apply your oil serum. 

      Begin your night-time ritual after a long day by massaging away any tension and stimulating lymph flow at the sides of your neck.

      Follow with the cooling and relaxing glide of your Rose Quartz Facial Roller to help ease puffiness and dark circles, and tone the facial muscles. You want to avoid pulling on your skin so use an oil and roll quite gently with light to moderate pressure. 

      USING THE ROLLER: Repeat all of the movements below 3 or 4 times

      Roll from the bottom of the right ear onto the neck toward the centre of the jawbone to encourage lymphatic drainage. Continue by starting at the centre of your face (forehead, inner eye, side of the nose, or centre of the chin) and work the roller out toward the hairline, ears, and alongside the jaw. Use the small roller for your under-eye. Repeat these steps on the other side of your face.

      CARE: To clean, wipe the surface with a damp towel & dry after use. Handle carefully and do not drop on a hard surface as the tool may crack

      BEAUTY TIP: Pop the roller in the fridge each night and enjoy the stimulating coolness as it calms delicate skin, and de-puffs under your eyes in the morning.


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