Poetica (from the Italian) means the approach or the way a poet creates his works, it also refers to the actual conception of poetry, and by extension, how an artist approaches their creative work. 

The beauty of simplicity & creativity

I believe in creating simple uncomplicated skincare - sourcing only fresh natural ingredients that are known for their effectiveness. When I launched POETICA I had a passionate mission - to create plant based, toxin-free skin products that are natural and also effective, while honouring nature's gift of natural plant based ingredients.  

From the very beginning POETICA has had a toxin-free policy - ensuring our skincare products are clean, safe and never tested on animals. This has remained my guiding principle as we research and create our products - wholly sourced from the wonderful world of natural ingredients - to deliver deliver pure skincare to you, our customer. 

What we leave out: parabens, sulfphates, phylates, synthetic fragrances, colours, dyes, artificial preservatives.

Caring for the planet

I want to ensure POETICA'S  business practices have a positive impact on our both our community and our shared planet which is why minimising our footprint is important for me. 


All POETICA products are made fresh in small batches (they are not stored for months in a warehouse) and are filled in recyclable amber glass packaging (not plastic). We ship in biodegradable (and reusable) boxes, and use recycled paper packing.