We think it's important to share our philosophy with you so you can get a feel for what drives us. When we launched POETICA we had a passionate mission - to create toxin-free skincare that is always 100% natural and effective.

The beauty of simplicity

We believe in uncomplicated skincare - sourcing only fresh natural high potency ingredients that are known for their effectiveness. 

Caring for our customers

From the very beginning POETICA has had a toxin-free and cruelty-free policy - ensuring our skincare products are clean, safe and never tested on animals. This has remained our guiding principle as we research and create our products - wholly sourced from the wonderful world of natural ingredients - to deliver deliver pure skincare to you, our customer.

What we leave out: parabens, sulfphates, phylates, synthetic fragrances, colours, dyes, artificial preservatives.

Caring for the planet

We want to ensure that our practices have a positive impact on our both our community and our shared planet which is why minimising our footprint is important for us - it's why our packaging is glass not plastic, we ship in biodegradable cardboard boxes, and use recycled paper packing.