As the world moves more rapidly toward a more sustainable and conscious model of business we're incredibly excited and honoured to be recognised with this international Health, Beauty & Wellness Award (UK), which honours excellence in the beauty industry.


POETICA Natural Beauty is a botanical skincare range offering luxurious nutrient dense skin treatments for a healthy and glowing complexion, targeting inflammation, environmental damage and premature ageing

Since Covid, POETICA has moved off-grid to a new bush studio, powered by solar, filled with light, and surrounded by Australian native wildflowers. 

Founder, Australian Lailan Morris, brings a lifetime of experience in the beauty and wellness industries to her innovative skincare range. Creating POETICA has been quite a journey. Along the way it developed into an obsession for Lailan as she unearthed new depths of awareness of the healing properties of plant oils, and also new levels of respect and care for her own body. The result of her fascination is a more profound understanding of the health of our largest organ, our skin, and the nutrients we need to support it. 

Lailan’s education in skin care began in Sydney in the early days of her career, working for over a decade as a freelance fashion and editorial makeup artist with high profile magazines and multi-national cosmetics companies.  Eventually her daily exposure to the toxic chemicals in cosmetics and hair products lead her to question the true value of mass-produced beauty and skincare.

Fast forward to now and so much has changed. We are much more environmentally aware and have access now to unprecedented amounts of information. The skincare and beauty industry has evolved and conscious consumers are demanding organics and environmental sustainability.

As Lailan's awareness of health and the effects of toxins deepened, and facing a health challenge herself, having a natural lifestyle became a priority. "My healing journey was not simple, but the reality is if I want to feel and look my healthiest, I must be mindful of what I put in and on my body. I also learned the valuable lesson that self-nurturing is so necessary for emotional and physical balance." 

She trained as a complementary health practitioner and yoga teacher and made a 'tree change' to a rural town nestled amongst lush rolling hills and clean crisp air. She studied anatomy and physiology in depth and over the years, helped thousands of people to manage their pain and health problems. As a holistic therapist, Lailan deeply understands the importance of wholesome nutrition for our wellbeing, and also of avoiding harmful toxins, in not only our food and environment but also in what we apply to our skin. “My clinical practice was the initial inspiration for me. I began creating nurturing and healing oil blends to help my clients get through the day with more ease and less pain,” she says.

“My yoga studies taught me that our bodies love gentleness, and I see caring for your skin as a nurturing and gentle thing to do. We love offering skincare products that smell and feel delicious so that your skincare ritual can become something beautiful that you enjoy doing for yourself.”

POETICA emerged when Lailan moved from a humid climate to a much harsher and extreme Australian climate. This range is Lailan’s own answer to her search for products to alleviate dry and dehydrated skin. “My skin was crying out for moisture and protection and I needed to listen to its signals,” she says. “I've been fascinated by the healing qualities of essential oils, botanicals and natural oils for decades. Listening to my own skin and to my clients’ needs inspired me to create this nourishing self-care range." 

“I'd like these beautiful botanical oils and balms to inspire you to slow down from the busyness of your day and take the time to reconnect with yourself. Perhaps a soak in the tub to soothe away your stresses with aromatic oils, and a skincare ritual that nourishes your soul as well as your skin." L.M.