What is the best way to store our natural products?

The best way to store our natural products is in a cool dark place at all times because heat and light will speed up the oxidation of the oils and shorten their shelf life. We recommend storing them below 30°C/86°F. On days that are hotter than this, we recommend storing our balms and elixirs in the fridge until the ambient temperature cools down. 

What is their shelf life?

We make all of our products fresh in small batches, free of artificial preservatives. We use all-natural preservatives such as rosemary extract to lengthen their shelf life. We recommend using our products within 12 months of purchase unless otherwise stated. 

How do I avoid contamination?

POETICA products, and to only allow clean, dry hands or a spatula to touch the product. Be especially careful not to allow water into the containers, to avoid encouraging bacterial growth. We don't include water in any of our products, and this helps to lengthen their shelf life and keep them bacteria-free.